Vega Challenge is an international kayak race that gives you an extraordinary experience. The competition takes place in and around the Vega Islands on the northeastern coast of Norway. The race takes you through more than 6500 islands, islets and reefs, providing you with not only a physical challenge, but also an aesthetically pleasing expedition.


Vega Challenge has several stages for different levels of competitors. The longest stage, called Around Vega, is the ultimate trail. The race and the sea will test you on your way to the finish line.


Are you up for the challenge?

Date 24th of july - 25th of july 2020

Vega Challenge

It is tough, hard, and raw. It is also a beautiful and an unforgettable experience. Every time the paddle hits the water is a different feeling. The water resistance is sometimes light and easy, while other times hard and demanding.

You are fighting Mother Nature. There is wild and untouched nature all around you. The spectacular sight of the world heritage with its many islets, reefs and islands will envelop you as the kayak glides through the water. There is no proof of your existence. Your kayak leaves no traces on the water surface. You are a part of something bigger.





The organizer of Vega Challenge puts great emphasis on safety.

“Våttkort” is a certification and proves you have passed the Norwegian Paddle Foundation’s intro course or a higher graded course. This certification is required for participation in Vega Challenge and must be shown upon registration.

The boats provided are well equipped and quick so that none of our competitors will be out of sight during the race. All the boats will have divers on board that are ready to assist, should it be necessary. The boats also have radio communication between one another and to the responsible crew on land.  The local sea rescue service will be attending the race if the number of competitors is above 100.

Heated tents and warm soup will be available when you cross the finish line at Vegstein.


In case of bad weather:

There will be alternative trails and distances in safer waters if the weather does not permit the race to be held in the original legs. Example: Vegstein – Røry – Vegstein. This will be announced on the homepage of Vega Challenge and other social media channels five days before the race. However, The race will be cancelled should the weather become too extreme.


Male and female classes all distances:

46 km/46 km Racing  1 pl 5000,- 2 pl 3000,- 3pl 2000,-
23 km  1pl 3000,- 2 pl 2000,- 3 pl 1000,-
12 km  1 pl 2000,- 2 pl 1000,- 3 pl 500,-


First prize on start number, kayak Vega Designs Expedition delivered by WEST SYSTEM NORGE A/S.



46 km  Racing  1500,- NOK

46 km  1500,- NOK

23 km  1200,- NOK

12 km   800,- NOK

 8 km   500,- NOK - recreational



Transport and accommodation 1500 NOK


This includes transport to and from Brønnøy Airport, boat or ferry to Vega, and transport to and from the race, along with accommodation at Camp Vegstein.

The results for 2016

Vega year around

The Vega isles was entered into UNESCO’s world heritage in 2004 and covers an area of 1037 km2 (about 400 square miles) along the coast of Helgeland, in the county of Nordland. This is the largest shallow water area in Northern Europe (link). The Vega isles was the first Norwegian cultural landscape to become a part of the world heritage. In addition to the nature the isles are mostly known for the interaction between the locals and the population of eiderducks. The locals keep the predators away, while the eiders gives some of the worlds finest down to a value of around 30 000 NOK per kilo gram.

Our partners

Vega Kystlag preserves ancient traditions related to coastal culture. It maintains and manages an old merchant’s store as a café and a museum.


Vega Kystlag provides the area where the base camp is located. They also provide the floating docks, the peer, the café and parking for attendees at Vega Challenge.


Brønnøy Sea sports club supplies Vega Challenge with boats and rescue crew for security during the race.


Vega Delikatesser AS
Nordland County Council
Vega Municipality
Verdensarv vega








Social media

Follow us on Faceebook and Instragram to keep updates about whats happening in Vega and with the Vega Challenge.

Contact us

IL Vega.
John Helge Breivik
Mobile: (+47) 959 73 616
Vega Tourist information
Hilde Wika
Mobile: (+47) 479 07 132





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