How to get here

The communication between Vega and the mainland is so good that you won’t experience any complications, no matter which way you choose to travel.


You can take a bus from either Grong or Mosjøen should you travel by train, and hop on a boat from Sandessjøen or Brønnøysund to Vega.



Vega- Oslo 645 km (400 miles) in linear distance 899 km (558 miles) by road
Vega- Bergen 677 km (420 miles) in linear distance 1100 km (683 miles) by road
Vega- Trondheim 261 km (162 miles) in linear distance 405 km (251 miles) by road
Vega- Bodø 209 km (130 miles) in linear distance 407 km (252 miles) by road


When booking flights to Brønnøysund (BNN) via Widerøe, you can use the discount code NO20163588A

For other discounts and fares, see (norwegian page)



Contact us

IL Vega.
John Helge Breivik
Mobile: (+47) 959 73 616
Vega Tourist information
Hilde Wika
Mobile: (+47) 479 07 132





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